Android Free Apps Roundup #2 – WoodEnigma Lite

As promised in my last Android Free App Comments  post, here’s another one for you. This time, I’ll just be taking a look at the Woodenigma Lite game. I’ve tagged this under WebOS as well as the full version is available for free on WebOS phones (The now redundant ‘Palm Pre’ line), whilst a ‘Lite’ version is available for free under2012-04-19_20-46-48 Android which contains less puzzles. A paid version is available under Android, which apparently contains more puzzles, but I’m not sure about the exact number.

The app is a puzzle game, which revolves around the simple premise of moving blocks of ‘wood’ into various shapes. Sounds basic and in many respects it is. However it can also be downright infuriating, but for a good reason – the idea of playing any puzzle game is to be puzzled and to use the grey matter to beat the game. This is something that the game can do well as moving a small number of shapes into a correct pattern can be a lot more difficult than it sounds.

The number of puzzles in the Android ‘Lite’ version is enough to keep you busy for a few hours – there are 50 puzzles included, although some of which are very simple, which I guess is to break you into the game gently.

As for the version on WebOS, there are 450 of puzzles available – remember that 2012-04-19_20-46-58this is the full version which is totally free on WebOS, I presume this is due to the much smaller target audience.

The control method is simple – drag the shape into the target area and tap to rotate it. The shapes will snap into the correct alignment, so you won’t need to worry about spending ages lining up the shapes in the exact place.

Overall it’s a neat little way to pass the time – but once you’ve completed it, you’ll probably not return to it for a long time as the puzzles will be a lot easier on the second time around. It’s worth a download though, especially if you find that you do a lot of waiting around during day to day life (and thus needing something to pass the time)

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Essential FREE Apps for WebOS

This one is inspired by Engadget’s post about apps and accessories for Palm’s WebOS mobile operating system. Unlike Engadget’s article however, I’m going to stick to just free apps.

One thing to note – I have the 1st edition Pre – as much as I love it, I can’t really comment on the functionality on the Pre 2, or WebOS 2 (as Palm / HP have neglected to give the old phone any sort of software upgrade).

The Engadget article, can be found here

Right…moving on to awesome apps that you can download for free, in no particular order.


Engadget has already mentioned this one, but it is worthy of another mention – the UI is advert free, clean and intuitive. It allows multiple cards so you can look up several things at the same time and the most recent update allows you to add location information, for those who truly want ‘big brother’ to know everything. I’ve tried Facebook applications on other phone systems, and still prefer the Palm version. That said I’m pretty biased as I’m used to my phone.

Ultimate Wallpaper


This application allows you to add data to your home screen – this data being either RSS feeds, Stock information or the Weather. Something that the Pre does not allow you to do by default. From what I gather, it works by asking what underlying wallpaper you want to use. Once you’ve provided the background image, plus the data source it will render and set a new wallpaper with the information requested showing. You can also set the application to update your wallpaper after a set period of time, which it can do with the application closed. Overall it’s pretty neat, and it will help you keep up to date while on the move.



In short it’s a Twitter app. I’ve got through a couple of the free ones fairly quickly, but this one sticks. It’s totally ad free, and will always have an empty price tag as it’s supported by the open source community. As well as Twitter it apparently also supports and StatusNet – I can’t comment on this however, as I only use the Twitter functionality. It allows all the basic Twitter functionality though, and seems to be pretty reliable – in fact with this application, I’m not sure why people pay for Twitter apps. the only thing I can see missing is lists and that may well be because I’m not looking hard enough.

IM+ Lite

In one of my previous posts I mentioned how a I’d love to see Windows Live Messenger integrated into WebOS 2.0. On my old-fashioned Pre MK1, we’ve not had any sort of OS upgrade so this is the solution. It allows for most IM systems including AIM and Yahoo IM, meaning it allows you to keep chatting regardless of which IM network you use. Might be worth remembering however that AIM and Googletalk are both integrated on the Pre from the start.

I should probably mention that this software does have the occasional bug with connecting to the server, but most of the time it seems to work without issue – also looking at the reviews it appears a few users in France (or a french speaking country) have tried it on WebOS 2.0 without success. However as Rimmer says Red Dwarf, “If you can’t get two weeks in the Caribbean then Grimsby is better than nothing”

Despite the issues, it’s still worth a download for users of the older generation of Pre phones. There is also a paid version of the application, but I’m not sure what you get in the full fat version of the application, compared to the lite version.


Basically it’s a weather app. I’m not really fussed about weather apps appearing on the home screen as I only check it once a day. Basically it lets you store multiple locations, shows the weather for a couple of weeks in advance, provides 24 hour forecasting and a few other bits. There is one advert in the application, but it doesn’t get in the way, and it can also be hidden from view.

There are other free weather applications on offer, but for what I use it for, this one has proven to be the best one so far. Only thing I can see it missing is a system to notify of severe weather warnings.

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