‘Dear Valentines Day…’

As we all know Valentines Day is approaching. In fact it’s tomorrow. I’m going to share with the people who stumble across this page, my views upon it.

Before I begin, I’m not a single person, who sits in a basement all day crying about not having a girlfriend, while listening to Funeral for a Friend – I think you can work out what I mean. I’ve had the same (awesome) girlfriend for about 2 years now, so this isn’t a rejection speech.

As you walk around any town at the moment, you get reminded of tomorrow. You see offers on related products in shop windows, hearts on the wall within any restaurant and the like. If you go home and turn on your TV, you see adverts about it – ‘Get your valentines day card here’ and the like.

The idea is not something I have a problem with – it’s good to show love and appreciation for your partner. The problem I have is this:

‘Forced Love Day’

That’s right – forced. Every year on February the 14th, it’s mandatory to show your partner you love them. Why is this only relevant on one day? One day where restaurants are overbooked and overcrowded, where flowers bought have gone bad, because it’s the last bouquet in the shop. In my humble opinion, it’s not a case of showing your love for someone anymore.(if it ever was) It’s for the sake of getting a few more coppers into a shop, when lots of people are still broke from Christmas. It’s a little bit like Christmas in a way – so heavily commercialised, that the meaning has almost faded to nothingness.

Down the pub last night, someone suggested it be renamed ‘petrol bomb your ex’s house day’ – I don’t agree with this (although I don’t think he was being serious*).  It’s not a day for  bitterness about lost ones, or the ones you never had either. It’s just a day of the year – one out of 365.25 days that you get in a year.

Now to my point. If you love someone, why save it for one day – if you want to make a gesture you don’t need to wait till the shops say you can – you can just do it. It’s all part of that wonderful thing that we have called free will.

What does my girlfriend think? She agrees. We go out for food usually about once a month depending on money, buy each other little things now and again, and we’re both happy with that.

If you choose to do something tomorrow, I won’t hold it against you, nor any other day of the year. However I will say one last thing – a quiet restaurant is more intimate and personal than a overbooked one – if you do go out, choose the venue wisely.

*at least I hope he wasn’t…might have to double check that…

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