Tweetin’ Twitter

So I’ve had a look at my twitter account, and have been scratching my head a little, wondering what purpose it fulfills as far as the internet goes, and compared to the other main social networking widgets.

Facebook / MySpace / Twitter – A quick overview


If you want a general place to store pictures, update the people you know with what you had for breakfast, and contact details, you have Facebook. I’m not going to go into the origins of facebook, but suffice to say as demand grew for facebook, more people were abandoning MySpace accounts.


For those that want Facebook and refuse to be conformist to the current social networking default and/or want to promote your music, you can use the internet wasteland that is MySpace. This was once the king of social networking  – about 4 years ago. It allowed HTML savvy account holders a chance to make a truly unique page, while not so savvy people a chance to use a code generator resulting usually in an account hack by some rogue code. I’ve spent many hours fixing profiles that have been borked in this way.

MySpace went down the pan as Facebook grew – people were drawn to the conformist, yet easy to use interface provided. People still use it to put music onto if they do some recording, but compared to Facebook, it now resembles a piece of tumbleweed rolling in front of the ‘Last Chance Saloon’ in some western film, despite the site management attempting to add many facebook features over the year, such as status updates in a feed, and apps to annoy everyone.


Twitter seems to have very basic features. You have status updates, and can tweet a picture with said update, and can reply to other updates. I’m probably missing a few details, but that’s the gist of it. Admittedly one thing that is nice is that we don’t have to read about “Person X wants your help in *insert facebook game here*”, but I hide those updates anyway. It’s not as widely used as Facebook, but then not a lot seems to be.

So..what can you do to make Twitter useful?

First of all, if you have a smartphone, it’s probably best to get some sort of app for quick & easy access. I’m using TweeFree on my Palm. It takes 3 screen presses to be able to see the timeline on my account, which is a lot quicker than using a computer.

Add a few things relevant to your likes on there – for me I have bit tech, wired science and breaking news. This way if I get bored on the train or whatever I can flip up my phone and look up all the headlines of things that might be interesting.

Also, it could be used for Microblogging – look to the right of the page. You’ll see a bar with my Twitter account, and the few updates I put on there – it’s a way of letting people know your thoughts, without writing a massive blog, or trawling through whatever facebook has on it.  Some bloggers might want to update their site daily with a short update.

Which brings me to the last thing, aside from seeing what your comrades on are up to. If you’re doing a sponsored walk for example, you could tell your sponsor to follow you on Twitter, and then they’ll be able to make sure you’re doing it, as long as your phone has GPS and location updates turned on. (Example taken from one of the members of bit)

So…it’s not Facebook, nor is it trying to be. Not for me at least – more like a customised RSS feed, a tool for my current blog, or just another way of being nosey and seeing what people are up to.

For the record my Twitter is Brooxy927. I’m not a Twitter nut, but I see some uses for it, and I’ll keep using it 🙂

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