Shutting down or rebooting a remote machine via Remote Desktop Connection

This is something that I was asked at work the other day and I thought I’d put online for the rest of the world to see. I was asked how to shutdown or reboot a machine via a Remove Desktop Connection.

Now at first this seems like a silly question, but when we remote onto an XP machine at work, the start menu literally gives you two options – Log Off and Disconnect, so there is no obvious option for just rebooting a machine.

You could use “shutdown -r -t 01” from command prompt / the run dialog, but that’s a fair bit of faffing around. (Incidentally that’s a reboot command)

Alternatively, you can close all programs down and then hit Alt+F4. You’ll then get a dialog that allows you to disconnect, log off, reboot, go to standby or shutdown.

You don’t even have to close all programs. Just make sure you’ve got the desktop selected and then Alt+F4 should still bring the shutdown dialog. The below image shows what you’ll be looking at when the dialog appears:

Off topic, I should get back to app comments fairly soon – it’s been a pretty busy few weeks recently so I’ve not really had time and write much.

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