Is the humble MP3 player a dying breed?

So I was sitting at my desk the other day doing some sort of work. I’ve got my phone sitting in it’s holder and I’m happily typing along, with my MP3 player plugged into my ears, listening to music.

Enter some random person. He asks…’why are you using an MP3 player.’  The man does kind of have a point. I’ve got my phone sitting on the desk, which is capable of doing everything but the dishes and yet I’m using my Creative X-Fi for music instead.

It’s for the same reason that I don’t belive that the MP3 player is a dying breed. Aside from the fact that some MP3 players produce better quality sound and that some people just don’t want to take the jump to a smartphone, there is another reason…

.. we have phones now that can do everything and sometimes that’s a little too much. Allow me to explain:

Bob is working in an office,writing up a report on the efficiency of something or another. He has his MP3 player plugged in to drown out some of the background noise and so that he can concentrate better on the task at hand.

After listening to the same album on repeat for a while, he decides that something else would be good. He picks up the MP3 player, changes album and continues working on time.

Bob gets the work done, gets promoted and gets a fat pay rise.

Now meet Eve. She’s also writing a report on something or another. Let’s call this report ‘Procrastination for the Masses’. Like Bob, she has music on to drown out the background noise. A minor note is that she’s using her iPhone for it instead.

Like Bob, she just put one album on initially and it begins to grate after a while. She picks up the iPhone to change track. While she’s got the phone in hand, she replies to a text message and notices she has an email. The email is from Facebook, saying that Herp McDerpington has invited her to an event. Naturally she goes to Facebook to accept the event invitation. Then she goes onto Twitter to let others know of the event.

The cycle continues. Eve misses the report deadline. She gets fired. Then loses all her money. Then dies due to Hypothermia, as she can no longer afford the heating bills.

So the example was a little..over dramatic and exaggerated. But I think that the MP3 player has a place. A place for the Luddites who won’t get smartphones. A place for the people that just want to get stuff done. A place for the audiophiles that want to listen to higher quality music. But most of all, I belive it has a place in history – as the item that began the steady decline of the CD. The item that succeeded where MiniDisc failed.


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4 Responses to Is the humble MP3 player a dying breed?

  1. Anon says:

    I agree with you, long live the MP3 player! Also many MP3 players are better for listening to when exercising – my phone chips every time I drop and is a bit big for my pocket, but my mp3 player is light and tiny and much less breakable!

    I did think when reading your story that Eve could just put the phone in aeroplane mode, but I know I wouldn’t have done (and doubt many others would either!) as it feels like you’re going to miss something important! Nice story though :p

  2. Java says:

    The other point you forgot is most phones barely last a day. Between music when walking up to uni, using for notes and extra reading, calls/texts/emails with friends and lecturers, I’m lucky to get from 9-3 without my phone dying. I actually went back to using a spare sony w810i for music simply because that was what was eating my battery. Even at christmas, checking prices online vs shops and maps for parking killed my battery in a 3hour shopping session.
    Any business man will tell you, that tasks like emails are non essential and distract you from your goals. While they can be urgent they’re not important as it breaks you from your work.

  3. Billy says:

    Consider this scenario:
    Bob is using his MP3 players and cannot hear his Boss calling him on his phone. Bob’s boss gets frustrated, and thinks Bob is trying to avoiding him. Bob gets a bad reputation and loses his job.

    Eve is using her smart phone. It automatically pauses the music and picks up her Boss’s call. Boss likes Eve and she gets a fat pay rise.

    • Charnobyl says:

      considering fat pay rise comes from your outcome, I don’t see smartphone with unnecessary features can be better than sim[ple mp3 player

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