Preventing Word 2007 from showing document markup by default

Note: Apparently this can also apply in Word 2010

A minor annoyance of mine is when Word 2007 automatically shows document markup, every time you open a document with markup in it. I put my somewhat useless google-fu into action and failed to bring back any worthy results, so spent a fair amount of time digging through the options in Word. Because of my google-fu failings,  I’ve done a quick write-up and put it on here in the hope it helps at least one other person. Check out below for a quick guide:

1. Open Word and click on the Office Button

2. Go to Trust Center

3. Then click Trust Center Settings

4. Go to Privacy Settings

5. Untick the box labelled Make Hidden markup visible when opening or saving

6. Restart Word

Voila! Problem solved. And if you ever need to return to the messy looking thing that is document markup, just recheck the box.

On a side note if anyone from Microsoft is watching, but apparently Word 2010 has the option in the same place. Could you please move it to somewhere a little more logical in the next version. I’d personally suggest Options > Display

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