Things I’d like to see HP / Palm bring into Web OS 2.0…

As it’s been shown on a few tech sites over the last few days, HP / Palm has had some Web OS 2.0 screenshots leaked.

I’ve had my first generation Pre since about April, I’ve come up with a list of a few things I’d like to see, assuming that Web OS 2.0 comes to the current gen of hardware.

  • Snappier response time

Although my Pre does the job that it is supposed to, I can’t help but feel sometimes that my fingers are a tad faster than the processor – for instance when putting my PIN into the phone to unlock it. I swear that the phone takes half a second after each keypress to keep up.

  • Flash Support

Pretty much the same thing that I’ve wanted on my XP 64 bit machine at work since I received it – and it’s pretty much the same story, which is “It’s being worked on.”As far as the Palm release of flash is concerned, it was originally promised for the first half of 2010.

There is no official release date these days. No doubt that the HP takeover will have slowed things down, but it would be nice to know what’s going on with it.

  • Windows Live Messenger IM Support

It would be nice to have – currently the phone supports GoogleTalk and AIM – neither of which I use. It would be nice to have another method of being in contact while on the move, or bored on the train.

That said one of the beta screenshots implies that this will be included, so fingers crossed to at least one of my needs being satisfied

  • Patch Fixes

Could be a bit of a long shot, but there is a bug where occasionally the battery will total itself from 60% or more to nothing in a few minutes, after some light web browsing. It’s not a frequent issue for me, but many users over the on the palmcentral forums have reported it.

  • RSS feeds on the home screen

There is already an application for this called Ultimate Wallpaper – as effective as it is (and I recommend this for the time being), I’d like to see the native support for RSS, along with multiple feeds – just so I can see what’s going on in the world at a glance.

That’s pretty much it for now – I’m sure if I spent more than 15 minutes writing this I could think of more things that would make my mobile life easier, but I’ll come back to it later. If Web OS 2.0 comes to the Pre, I might even do a write up…

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